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What promotions are there?

Every company have a base product/price that sells all year… Sometimes some of them will create promotions, special campains, etc.

But… What about promotions all year? Why not?!

Fly4Fun commits in small fixed promotions all year, in temporary monthly and special day promotions!

Get to know our All-Year promotions:

  • Jump at 4200m or 5000m – 10€ discount
Groups 4 to 8 people:
  • jump at 4.200m – 135€
  • jump at 5.000m – 165€
9 people or more:
  • jump at 4.200m – 125€
  • jump at 5.000m – 155€
  • 2 jumps at 4.200m + 1 night in Hotel (Évora) – 365€
  • jump at 5000m + Photos + videos + Ride from Lisboa –> Évora –> Lisboa – 295€

What promotions do we have running? (Different promotions every month)

July Campaign – Jump with everything you deserve!
  • Jumps at 4.200m + videos + photos – 209€ (instead of 239€)

Now you know you don’t have to search of cheaper prices, you know every month you have the best chances so you don’t have excuses!!

Stay aware!

Post Author: Liliana Monteiro

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