All the companies have a list of products / base prices that they practice all the year … Sometimes some of them creat temporary promotions, special campaigns, etc.

But… And promotions all year? Why not?

Fly4fun wage on small fixed promotions all year round, on seasonal promotions every month and special promotions for those special times!

Get to konw our Fixed Promotions:

[wp-svg-icons icon=”gift” wrap=”i”] Birthday

Tandem jump at 4200m or 5000m – 10€ discount

[wp-svg-icons icon=”users” wrap=”i”] Groups

Tandem jump at 4200m or 5000m – 10% discount – 4 ou mais pessoas

[wp-svg-icons icon=”camera” wrap=”i”] All included

Tandem jump at 3000m + video + photos (handycam e external) + t-shirt – 269€

Tandem jump at 4200m + video + photos (handycam e external) + t-shirt – 299€

Tandem jump at 5000m + video + photos (handycam e external) + t-shirt – 319€

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart” wrap=”i”] Romantic

2 tandem jumps at 4200m – 355€ with Hotel included

[wp-svg-icons icon=”truck” wrap=”i”] Transport

Tandem jump at 5000m + photos + video + transpor Lisbon – Évora – Lisbon – 295€

2 tandem jumps at 4200m + photos + video + transporte Lisbon – Évora – Lisbon – 235€/px


[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] https://www.fly4fun.pt/skydive-packs [wp-svg-icons icon=”point-left” wrap=”i”]


What Promotions do we have now ? – (different promotions every month)


[wp-svg-icons icon=”leaf” wrap=”i”] March Campaign – Come jump with everything you deserve!

 2 tandem jumps at 4200m + video + photos – 399€ (was 458€)

Share this promotion with the most important person in your live!

 [wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”]  https://www.fly4fun.pt/march-campaign [wp-svg-icons icon=”point-left” wrap=”i”]


Father’s Day – Did you already think to change places with your dad?

Offer him adrenaline with your company – 2 tandem jumps 4200m ou 5000m with a discount of 10€ each one!

(promotion available on our facebook)


Now you do not have to be always looking for cheaper prices, you know that every month you have the best opportunities to have no excuses !!


Stay tunned!

Post Author: Sara Anastácio

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