Are you going skydiving for the first time?

If it is the first time that you are skydiving, it is normal that you get a little nervous or anxious, but you don’t need to be!

Here’s what you need to know:

From arrival until landing

The whole process may take a couple of hours.

You will start by filling a registration from and and a consent form. Then, you have a briefing about the tandem jump, with your instructor, that takes 5-10 minutes.

After the briefing it’s time to get the equipment! You will have a personalized suite that will allow you to jump all stylish!

In a tandem jump, the passenger is secured to the instructor. A proper harness is used with four attachment points, each with the capacity to support 2,5 tonnes.)

You are now ready to board on the plane!

The flight will take about 20 minutes, during which you will be able to see gorgeous views from Alentejo and enjoy the ride by getting to know a little more our instructors.

And the moment has arrived!

About 40 seconds free falling, you will see Évora from a privileged view, you will yeld and laugh and cry and feel a good amount of great adrenaline.After the parachute opens it turns into an authentic tour in the park (the best you ever had). We are now airborne, enjoying the world at our feet, in full communion with the forces of nature.

From here now on, there’s only one way: landing!

After landing you won’t now how to feel, but one thing is for sure… You will want to repeat, take pictures, videos and share this incredible, fantastic, experience with everyone!


  1. Take comfortable clothes (including shoes). It is important that you feel comfortable (the suit will be worn on top of your clothes).
  2. Do not take any medication to help you calm down before the jump. Just relax and be aware of everything, this way you can really enjoy.
  3. Always listen to what your instructor has to say. He is very experienced and knows, better than anyone, all the process for you to have maximum fun with maximum security and no worries.
  4. Ouve sempre o teu instrutor, ele tem imensa experiência e melhor que ninguém sabe os procedimentos todos para te divertires ao máximo sem preocupações.

Your only responsibility is to have fun!!

Are all your questions answered? Are you ready to skydive?

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