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The tandem master (instructor) will take a wrist camera with him, in order to tape the images in the closest way possible during the entire jump.

The external camera is a third person that will jump along with you and tape from different perspective (exterior).

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Videos AND Photos
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Lisbon - Évora - Lisbon

Lisbon - Évora - Lisbon
40€ / px

What’s a Tandem?

A tandem skydiving is where an experienced instructor jumps along (attached) with a person that has no experience at all. These jumps are performed between 3000 and 5000 meters (10,000 ft. – 15,000 ft.). The passenger will be attached to the tandem master and to the parachute trough a special harness developed to support the weight of both.

After about 30-60 seconds of a 200km/h (125 mph) free fall, the instructor will open the parachute. After the opening, you still have about 7 minutes of flight to enjoy until landing.

After this moment, you only wish to see and share the amazing images of these experience!

What do I need for tandem skydiving?

No experience is required. You will have to attend a short briefing before the jump, you get all set out, we provide all the equipment needed and then… Just jump and enjoy!

You need to be 16 yrs or older. You if are between 16 and 18 you will need an authorization of your legal guardian.

You will need to inform about your weigh upon reservation.

Where is the location?

Our drop zone is located in Évora, in the aerodrome. We will have a team waiting for you to provide you an awesome experience of skydiving in Évora!

Will me and my friends go on the same plane?

Yes! Either way, it is always best to confirm with our local staff and it will depend on how many people there are in the group.

Can I jump by myself on my first skydiving experience?

No. Tandem is the only option for those who wish to do skydive without any trainning. In the United States of America, more than 65% of skydive jumps are Tandems.

A tandem is the safest way for anyone to feel the adrenalin of skydiving, jumping off an airplane. If you fall in love with this activity, you know what to do: sign in for our AFF course.

The experience – What to expect

A Tandem is a way to take your freedom to the extreme. The activity will start with the set out, putting on a suit and the proper harness.

This is followed by an amazing scenic flight were you can enjoy the unique Alentejos’ view, going higher and higher. The true adrenalin lasts about one minute and it will be incredible as you always dreamed.  After the parachute opening, everything turns into a quiet, calm flight. You are now hanging in the air, contemplating the loveliness of the world beneath you.

From here now on, there’s only one way: landing! And nothing is ever going to be the same again. You are going to want to share videos, pictures, return and bring all your friends with you to share this awesome experience!!

We are waiting for you!